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Resin crafts, artificial stone market wealth[2010/12/29]

October 27, 2008 News: My Crafts and artificial stone market concentration in the south, mainly in Guangdong in order to man-made stone, Fujian, in order to craft-based, followed by Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and so on. Scattered distribution of some areas, the market in Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shandong, and Sichuan. These two types of resin products nationwide total demand of 30 million tons, of which imports of resin, up to 7 million tons. China Unsaturated Polyester Resin Net (www.upr-e.cn) experts said, China resin crafts, artificial stone market wealth. Traditional Christmas gifts and home furnishings categories Arts & Crafts, the manufacturers concentrated in Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places, such a craft in order to silicone for mold, resin added after the powder Stir-casting, and then as soon as the finished product by the alkaline wash painting ; Garden bonsai class crafts. Such crafts outdoor furnishings, such as character statues, artificial fountains, rockery and so on, silicone mold external plaster or FRP, such crafts bulky, while the production process and the powder mixed with glass fiber, reinforced a framework, large Products need to break down into several parts production, transported to the site assembly; imitation jade agate type craft, such crafts in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, production and consumption of 500 tons a month, products with silicone mold, filling agate class hydroxide aluminum, according to the natural color of jade and agate were transferred into the different shades of green, red and other colors, casting molding, after alkaline cleaning, the product dry on the surface layer of light oil; resin waistline crafts, such products are used in packing powder and gravel, the product length and width and thickness difference between the relatively large, improper operation prone to deformation; demanding products that go through baking, shape, place of production concentrated in Foshan.

In addition these products are: lighting crafts, craft, including lamp shades and lamp base, shade is generally translucent stone holder with silicone as the internal model, while the use of powder, glass fibers, which mixed with steel support, due to the shape of the product requirements the complexity of branch-casting, after assembled, place of production concentrated in Zhongshan; billiards crafts. Production process is the resin-filler mixture evenly into the mold after the casting, curing, after completely polished, resin on use of such products is estimated at 400 tons, producing concentrated in Jiangmen; furniture cast fittings, furniture and accessories in divided into two blocks First, small furniture, accessories, vinyl pattern sculpture, carved directly pouring into the vinyl, and second, relatively large vinyl chairs, similar to the bonsai garden crafts class production methods, origin concentrated in Dongguan, Foshan; artificial sandstone type crafts and wall carving, the product size differences, the different types of filler, mostly sand, the product used for carving three-dimensional wall sculptures, large-scale murals, often the domestic art institutions should design and production, species diversity, technology leadership, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangsu, Hubei has a factory production; crystal resin crafts, this is a use of crystal resin, without pouring out of a transparent filler crafts. Some manufacturers a one-time pouring more than 200 kilograms products, which seepage of red, green and so transparent colorants, such products also known as imitation glass crafts. According to unsaturated resin network (www.upr-e.cn) experts, the artificial stone industry, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, due to natural sources of minerals produced less and less, and the restrictions on the blind extraction, by This substantial increase in the demand for artificial stone; Guangdong, Fujian Sha Zhangquan area of artificial stone market is very large, the last two years these two market research, and found, artificial stone product types on the market 5.

This includes five kinds: First, Dongguan, Shenzhen, near the resin with artificial stone mosaic desktop to do the back of enhanced layer, products are all exported; second, Zhongshan, near the translucent stone, the United States Stone and a number of transparent shade; third, Zhongshan, Heshan, Foshan, near the artificial stone kitchen and bathroom; Fourth, stone, China Xun, Wealthy stone, European faction, Athens and other European companies to do artificial stone plate, which accounts for the Guangdong market resin amount of artificial stone resin, more than 70% in Guangdong to do such a man-made stone plate manufacturers is very large, the manufacturers of the product quality is also uneven, standard board (2440mm ?760mm ?12.7mm) the price is unbelievable low, aluminum hydroxide powder as raw material, a number of low-cost sheet with Calcium as filler, the product of the deformed, cracked, Fog and poor water deficiencies; 5 in Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong Province of artificial stone and artificial quartz stone post. Artificial Stone, also known works stone, of the post popular stone, based on two kinds or more than two kinds of crushed natural marble, after entering into the resin and pigment, and then vacuum-pressure synthesis of oscillator cast wool (side feed), and then cut , will be thick and polishing. If you use general-purpose resin material will appear side cracking phenomenon, a side expected to cost about 12,000 yuan. Some enterprises have specially developed a low-viscosity, high-intensity post stone resin, forming the artificial suppression of post rock with a high hardness, strength, good gloss, low water absorption, wear characteristics, to meet corporate demand for exports. Artificial Stone Yunfu ROYAL open up the market after a shortage situation. A short period of three years, the region Artificial Stone Yunfu production line, a few from the original number increased to 10.

Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and other places newly renovated floor decorative materials in major shopping malls have been using artificial stone post. Artificial Stone has not yet reached the same household as the tiles, but the market potential is great. According to unsaturated resin network (www.upr-e.cn) experts, artificial quartz stone and artificial stone post production process more similar difference is that the filler is a high wear-resistant quartz sand and quartz powder, filler content of up to about 90%. Mohs hardness of up to seven anti-scratch properties, its tolerance, water, fire and other properties of decided that it is the development of artificial stone plate in one direction. Launched in recent years the domestic production line of artificial quartz stone jump, using vacuum casting production of quartz stone more than a dozen enterprises, but the facilities are great differences in the quality varies. Some bubbles are more refined: hardness while high, but as a timber wall to easily deformed quartz excellent product line priced 6 million yuan to more than 1000 ten thousand dollars, using vacuum pressure shock synthesis, its process, medium-temperature drying Tower curing, the product gel content is low, dense texture without pores, a few good quality products have been close to the Italian standard of artificial quartz. Handicrafts, artificial stone industry in China has just begun, is a potentially huge market. At present the main problems are: the pace of upgrading of materials and processes has accelerated noticeably. Conventional resin board can no longer meet market needs; industry competition has become intense, nationwide more than 500 artificial stone manufacturing enterprises, annual production of more than 8,000 square meters, more than 100 billion yuan output value, in the limited market can imagine the intensity of ; low-grade sheet of Calcium popular, long run will give the industry a devastating blow.

Foreign brands such as Sally quartz stone, Caesar stone, hi Shihlong Breeze things pass, match North pass, Omega, PKL, Glory Takashi, special dishes Sri Lanka, Compaq and so on. According to unsaturated resin network (www.upr-e.cn) experts, the world's factory specializing in the production of quartz stone is only 16, there are 20 Sally Stone production line, products accounted for 90% of the European market, accounting for the Americas 70 %, but it can hardly satisfy the market demand. South Korea's annual production of quartz stone manufacturers export market, Europe and the United States reached 130 million U.S. dollars. Foreign applications have a very wide range of quartz, the main kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bar, ground as well as outer wall and so on. The international level the more mature markets Australia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Consumption of quartz stone which accounts for the year in Australia the world's approximately 1 / 3, followed by the United States and Canada. The Middle East and Southeast Asia market growth in areas such as quartz significant. Foreign quartz constantly changing range of applications, cabinets industry, quartz is becoming a new alternative products, the proportion of ground-stone decoration grown dramatically. The current trends in these two industries are: species diversity of arts and crafts, home furnishings from the traditional classes, Christmas gifts category to the bonsai garden, character sculpture, crystal, imitation jade, sandstone and other products change; from mere export to domestic and foreign Qi development. Artificial stone and artificial quartz stone Kong will become a new development highlight some domestic done before tile, ceramic stone, natural stone manufacturers have already begun to enter the artificial stone industry. Some enterprises have developed a low viscosity, high-intensity man-made stone resin, and resins, fillers, additives, and molding process designed several aspects of technology "package."

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