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Unsaturated resin during the festival market dynamics of domestic Review[2010/12/29]

China Unsaturated Polyester Resin Market occasion of the Spring Festival holiday holding stability and trading is more pale, weak before the holiday is still holding, holiday parties Qiuwen. Of the international financial crisis spread, imports and exports can be seen in December: the month of imports of 3057.946 tons, an average price of 1965.6253 U.S. dollars / ton, imports were higher than the 51.16 percent reduction in the same month last year compared with same period last year 37.56, when imported a total of 52,033.482 tons; month export 1189.166 tons, an average price of 1892.4767 U.S. dollars / ton, compared with a year earlier, exports increased by 10.8% over the same period of 34.92, when total exports 17,972.177 tons. Winter hours of down market remains depressed, in fact, had earlier had a sense of "cold": cooling towers, boats, chemical antisepsis equipment, vehicle parts, doors and windows, activity rooms, sanitary facilities, food equipment, furniture, paint, Polaroid board, as well as buttons, imitation jade handicraft, artificial marble, artificial agate, artificial granite, etc., consumption significantly reduced than those of last year, the market waiting to see more doctrinal atmosphere. Although prices continued downward, shipping is still facing resistance - the current demand for more and more weak and sluggish downstream demand, the price is obviously not the focus, the key is no answer cargo. Chinese "Spring Festival" holiday during the Regional Market - 191 East mainstream Quote # 6300 ~ 6500 yuan / ton, 196 # 7000 ~ 7200 yuan / ton; 191 in North China the mainstream Quote # 6600 ~ 6800 yuan / ton, 196 # 7300 ~ 7500 yuan / ton; South mainstream Quote 191 # 6900 ~ 7200 yuan / ton, 196 # 7900 ~ 8100 yuan / ton.

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