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Chinese contemporary art, ceramics bucked the market trend[2010/12/29]
Cold in the financial crisis, the auction market precarious. However, contemporary art, ceramics have gone against the tide up, so that investors with admiration.

Rong Bao Zhu Autumn Auction 2008 Admiralty colorful new bottle "Kara OK map", to 39.2 thousand yuan turnover; China Guardian 2008 Autumn Auction, the Bai Lei Chui river rafting underglaze color porcelain vase 78.4 thousand yuan turnover; Beijing Hanhai 2008 autumn auction, Zheng 100 re-painted porcelain vase with pastel landscape plan was auctioned at 89.6 thousand yuan, WANG Zhi-Wen Han Kuang fine porcelain landscape miniature books buyers bottle of 224 thousand yuan has been "stolen" away; China Guardian 2008 Autumn Auction Zhou Guozhen pottery "good news
" sold 257.6 thousand yuan, LI Ju-sheng, "watching chess, without a word true gentleman" hot color glazed porcelain inlay is 1.904 million yuan of the device is more expensive boast of the pack, took the top spot in one fell swoop.

China Guardian as early as the spring of 2007, when filming, on the launch of China's first "contemporary ceramic art," Session, to the contemporary works of a master craftsman in Jingdezhen mainly on the total turnover of 79 works of 15.78416 million yuan turnover rate of 97.4% . LI Ju-sheng master craftsman who made the "high-temperature color glaze inlay cardamom Years device" to 1.232 million yuan to become a game-high prices, creating Chinese contemporary art auction record of ceramics. Guardian 2007 Spring Auction for collectors of contemporary art ceramics an initial understanding of the value of the autumn auction in Beijing Hanhai and Beijing Rong Bao has also opened up a modern and contemporary ceramic art Session, as the crisis of the auction market is subject to the impact of environment is also doing well, the master's works on the rise.

China Guardian Porcelain Arts and Crafts Department project manager, Lin-Lin Chen believes that modern and contemporary ceramic works of art with its unique technology, strong times, originality, academic, conquered the collectors, and collectors of the collection mentality has gradually matured to age on the hero's criterion is slowly changing the artistic value of works of art to get more attention; In addition, there is no contemporary art pottery dating problems, the level of the value of works of art collector 1 can be identified, together with the market has just started, the more price low, there is no bubble, the future appreciation of the larger space. Beijing Xing Ceramics Museum of Art Curator of the collusion WENG, said she found three years ago, contemporary art ceramics collection value, often called Jingdezhen, Longquan, arts and crafts, etc. Master and ceramics professor, an experienced boutique on revenue sac . With the increase in collections, she discovered that the market does not attach importance to the contemporary art pottery. So she opened the collusion Xing ceramics Museum of Art, a special kind of contemporary art pottery market, after three years of painstaking efforts, she found that the market finally pick up. The success of the auction market, a firm of some contemporary art pottery collectors confidence.
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