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Beijing Autumn Gifts Gift Show to promote the industry in advance procurement[2010/12/29]

Each year in September is the peak period of purchasing gift industry, but also unveiled new products focused on the stage, in order to win sales opportunities in the second half, the domestic gift has started to adjust market strategy, which prompted the procurement New Year, Christmas gifts season is more than in previous years to be early. About 70% of the world's Christmas gifts, 60% of the promotional materials processing in China, domestic gift industry must be revamped in order to maintain superiority, which is the seventh in the upcoming Beijing Huabo Autumn Gift Fair will be fully embodied.

     September 26, "the 7th China International Gifts, Premium & Houseware Fair" will be in Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center (New Hall) grand opening, the venue size will show more than 13,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors at home and abroad more than 400 professional buyers break million people. To strengthen the guiding role of the exhibition, Reed Huabo Beijing Autumn Gift Show will showcase a full range manufacturer's brand image and creative new work, and invite professional buyers and vendors to communicate one on one, many new products will be accepted at the show the world's Christmas gifts buyers test.

     Since the toy recalls last year after the incident, the global market, China's gifts and toys, have put forward new standards and requirements, domestic companies are stepping up product innovation and brand-building efforts. Reference to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Yiwu, gifts and other developed regions of the situation in the first half of this year, gift, toy industry have suffered falling profits, shrinking exports of the situation, compared with the North's gift market is still maintained strong development momentum. According to the Beijing Olympic Market Development Department statistics, the end of last year, the Olympic gift sales have reached 700 million U.S. dollars, with 2008 expected to more than 160 million domestic and foreign tourists to patronize Beijing, northern China gift market will continue higher.

     In order to further promote domestic gift industry, the North-South interaction, strengthening enterprise independent innovation capacity, Huabo Beijing Autumn Gift Show Exhibition from the optimized structure, and enhance the efficiency of negotiations to start, improve the platform for professional services, construction, in the full implementation of the industrial development strategy, while horizontal, strengthen the depth of the structure, the depth of excavation category clustering, thereby establishing a more professional and market segments gift multinational procurement trading platform.

     Experts say, in addition to strict compliance with export standards deal with the overseas market, gift enterprises should further implement the strategy of market diversification, and actively expand the domestic market to avoid market concentration caused by trade risk. Beijing are concentrated a large number of multinational corporations and domestic and foreign tourists, a vast reservoir of consumption potential gifts, Huabo Beijing Gift Show has built communication platform will help enterprises around the world to open up markets in the North.

     "The Olympics will help us with international rules, integration into the global market, and gifts given to the Chinese industry more room for development, with Beijing's comprehensive advantages, we have to fix your attention in the post-Olympic economic times." Reed Huabo Exhibitions ( Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, General Manager Liu Guoliang Gift Show in Beijing will have a more long-term planning.

     Gift industry, profits were mainly from areas of supply chain distribution system and brand, an important aspect of enterprise development, market resources, in manufacturing, foundry phase of the majority of private enterprises, relying on international exhibition seem to grasp market resources is particularly important. 7th Huabo Beijing Autumn Gift Fair, as the northern region after the Olympic Games the largest gift purchasing event, will continue to help enterprises to increase innovation, brand strength, increase product added value and use it as an opportunity to change pressure as a driving force, turn the crisis into opportunities, smooth ride by the manufacturer to a producer of a critical period to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation.

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