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Company Profile
      WINCHOICE Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, inheriting our enterprise spirit "Today, we are getting to do better" and our win-win philosophy "WIN CHOICE IN WINCHOICE",in arts and crafts industry, the WINCHOICE brand reputation has been fully proved by clients all over the world with its convinceble performance.
      The "Golden Triangle" of WINCHOICE's steady growth is built by strong reseach and develop ability, harmonious enterprise culture, high efficiency team and healthy management. Walking into WINCHOICE , you will be impressed by our team in accordance with your request to manufacture products that exceed customers' dreams by our concentration ,attention to details, and demonstration of our professionalism.
      No matter the electronic fountains, or art-flowerpots or other crafts, all these are excellent products through the wisdom and hard work of us. Accordingly, we¨ve won many of the world Fortune 500 enterprises to cooperate consistently in long term ,specifically Wal-mart, Otto, Home depot, K-mart etc.
      Service!!Since the enterprise was established ,we have already known how to evaluate quality from the perspective of customer, and set customer satisfaction and success as the unique criterion for self-examination.
      We have built the comprehensive service system from the pre-sale, sale, post-sale. Pre-sale, we discover the needs of the customers,in the process of transaction,we think over the needs of the customers, post-sale, we need to track customers according to the records. In the full commitment to abide by the established service, we anticipate a timely manner the future customer demand for services.
      Quality!!We strictly implement international quality system standards, ISO9001, from the product researching, purchasing, manufacturing, inspecting to the post-sale are all under our strict quality control. The products will be comprehensively tested and inspected from other different angles: environmental protection, application, durability and visualization, to ensure the quality.
      Technique!!with more than six hundred professional technicians and over one hundred new product development elites.Relying on advanced design software, active and creative brainstorming methods,and discreet and complete design processes, your dream will be fulfilled.
      Delivery!!Our delivery will be earlier than your anticipation.More than 20000 square meters modern plants, the efficient professional facilities and scientific manufacturing management are the sources of our confidence.They are two endless extending railway tracks,which ensure the safe and punctual delivery of your products.
      Environmental protection!!according to the claim of International Environment Management System ISO14001, The protection of the environment as a corporational target of economic growth simultaneously. With the new materials and technologies ,we can achieve cleaner production, for your dedication of non-toxic, smellless green products.
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